Best iPhone Repair Service in Newark Delaware

Top apple phone repair service in Newark, Delaware, find the cost of iPhone screen repair in Newark here. experienced Newark Delaware apple
iphone repair service near all shopping areas. Downtown Newark iphone
screen repair service. Delaware’s top Apple iphone screen repair service
located in Newark. Marrows Wireless is Professional Apple Iphone repair
shop located in Newark, DE at 50 marrows road. Their working hours are
Monday to Saturday 9 am – 9 pm & Sunday 9 am – 7 pm. We fix all
types of small electronics and mobile devices but specialize in Apple
Iphone repairs. We also carry a large line of prepaid phones from
various top phone companies like Boost Mobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile,
and many more. Many of the prepaid plans come with a free phone. We also
unlock and reactivate all carrier phones for a low fee. We sell various
phone accessories like Otterbox cases, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth
sunglasses and even Bluetooth portable speakers. We are located 50
marrows road, Newark, DE 19713. telephone number 302-368-4183 call
anytime to check on weekly specials or to price phone repairs.

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