Best Mobile Phone Covers and Cases in 2017

Best Mobile Phone Covers,

Cases in 2017

One of the mistakes too many people make when buying a smart phone case
is not looking at the make and models of phones it literally fits. Yes,
all smart phones are about the size of one’s hand. But if you buy a case
made for a smaller smart phone, it won’t fit a larger phone. And buying
a smart phone case branded for iPhone, HTC, Huawei, Nokia or other
smart phones isn’t good enough. For example, the phone cases that fit
the iPhone 6 and 6S won’t offer adequate protection for the iPhone 5 if
it fits at all. A smart phone case for one model of phone may not have
holes where the charging ports, headphone plugs and other critical
access points are located, and you don’t want to cut holes in the smart
phone cover to access these ports. Sometimes the holes line up, but the
holes in the case don’t fit your hardware. This is seen even with iPhone
cases that have holes for the charging ports that fit Apple’s
proprietary hardware but not any third party peripherals. Read the
reviews to see if that is the case before you buy a particular smart
phone case.